How to Find the Perfect Wedding Venue

wedding venue

When you’re getting married, deciding where to have the wedding and reception is a large part of the wedding plans. You have to find a wedding venue which is in your budget and really like it. Plus, it has to be convenient for your guests, has enough parking and easy to locate. Plus, it has to have the date you want open. Does it sound impossible? With some planning and deep breathes, you will find that it actually is possible.

To get started, you need a budget to see how much money you have to spend on the venue. It won’t do you any good to find a place, fall in love with it and then realize you can’t afford it. If a few of the venues are within your venue budget, then you need to ask some questions to narrow down the field. Likewise, many facilities offer wedding event packages for easily bundling everything you need for your big day.

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1. You need to ask what the capacity is to see if your event can be held there comfortably. Depending on what type of wedding reception you’re having will depend on the amount of seating will be needed. A cocktail party will take up less room than a sit-down dinner. Also, make sure that the venue has space for everything which your wedding is going to include, this may be the ceremony, before reception cocktails and reception, for example.

2. Parking can be a big issue is there isn’t enough parking for the number of guests you have coming. Check out if there is parking on-site, free parking, public transit or other means of parking.

3. Some wedding venues have options for catering. They could have in-house caterer or give you a list of caters which you will have to choose from. So the dream caterer of your choice may not be on that list, and you will have to choose another.

4. You need to know your guest count because many facilities or convention centers will want a rough guest count about 60-90 days before your event. They will also want a deposit based on the number of guests you give them. You need to have an estimate which is pretty close to the mark so you can select the right venue for your ceremony or reception. You need to make sure your guest count stays at the number you have given the venue. If not, any surprise guests who didn’t answer the RSVP, you will be responsible for paying for on the day of your event.

5. The venue of your choice may have specific requirements and restrictions. This is something you will need to find out before handing over your money. Some places don’t allow smoking on the premises, or there are alcohol restrictions. Also, if any guests who are coming have physical limitations, you will need to find out if the venue can accommodate them.