Booking Policies

Full-service Dallas-Fort Worth Conference Venue and Event Facility

The Hurst Conference Center is a full-service conference and event facility owned and operated by the City of Hurst, TX.  The Hurst Conference Center’s primary objective is to support the City of Hurst’s mission of growth and development by providing diverse events and activities that enhance the quality of life in the community, and produce a positive economic impact to the City of Hurst.

Event Booking Criteria

The Hurst Conference Center reserves the right to accept, modify, refuse or terminate bookings in accordance with this Policy.  Therefore, hen evaluating potential events, the Hurst Conference Center shall give consideration to the following factors:

  • The level of economic impact to the community
  • The projected revenue to the Hurst Conference Center
  • Seasonal factors/Time of year
  • The potential of repeat bookings
  • Client’s performance with respect to prior events at this conference center or similar facilities.


Operational/Rental Period

  • Hours of operation are from 8:00 AM to 11:59 PM.
    • “Operation” hours do not equal “Event” hours
  • Event hours cannot be scheduled prior to or after this period without the approval of the Hurst Conference Center.  Additional time will be subject to an Overtime Fee
  • Client’s specific event hours will be stipulated in the contract
  • There will be an added cost for any additional Move-In or Move-Out days.  The Move-In/Move-Out rate will be based on space availability and event needs.


Rental Fee Includes

  • One basic Theater, Banquet, Classroom, Conference or Reception style setup, general lighting, heating, air conditioning and reasonable custodial service.
  • Optional equipment, AV/IT services, and Food & Beverage may be obtained at additional costs.
  • Parking and limited WiFi are complimentary.


Additional Booking Considerations

  • During high volume times of the year, space in the Lumiere Ballroom will require an event minimum.
  • Based on event needs and setup, the Hurst Conference Center will determine size of space needed to effectively host the event.
  • For clients wanting to book an event 12 months or more prior to event date, certain criteria will be considered:
    • Type of event
    • Time of year
    • Venue services needed/requested for the event
  • Before actually contracting, an additional fee may be required to “Hold” room space for events 12 months or more prior to the start date.
  • If a requested event date(s) fall on or around a holiday, the decision to accommodate the event is at the discretion of the Hurst Conference Center.  Additional costs may apply.


Scheduling Status


  • A “Tentative” status puts a hold on the date(s) and space(s) as requested by client.  No contract has been executed, no deposit received and event date(s) and space(s) are not secured.
  • During a “Tentative” hold, a Booking Proposal will be sent to the client in order to confirm date(s) and space(s) and provide an estimated total for the event.  The Booking Proposal is not a binding contract.
  • The estimated cost in the Booking Proposal is only valid during the current “Tentative” hold date(s).
  • The Booking Proposal will also provide a “Response Date”.  If, by the specified Response Date, there is no reply from the client, the room space(s) and date(s) will be released without notice. 
  •  A “Tentative” status does not guarantee the date(s) or space(s).  Date(s) and space(s) will not be secured until a contract is executed and deposit received.


  • A “Contracted” status will be applied to an event after the client confirms the Booking Proposal and a contract has been issued.  The Hurst Conference Center contract is legally binding, and should be carefully reviewed before execution.  Breach of contract may result in cancellation of future events.
  • A Non-Refundable deposit equaling 25% of the estimated event total will be due with the return of the signed contract.  Date(s) and space(s) will not be secured without the designated deposit and signed contract.
  • A payment schedule will be setwithin the contract.  The payment amounts and dates are determined based on the date the event was booked and the date on which the event occurs.
  • The contract will provide a due date in which the signed documents and deposit must be received in order to secure the event.  This protects the Hurst Conference Center against loss from sudden or short-term cancellation of an event for which a contract has been issued, but not executed.  If, after receiving the contract, there is no action on the part of the client by the scheduledcontract due date, the date(s) and room space(s) will be released.


  • A “Firm” status is applied to an event once The Hurst Conference Center has received the signed contract and deposit.  A “Firm” status ensures the date(s) and room space(s) are secure.
  • Once the event is at a “Firm” status, next, it is the responsibility of the client to meet payment amounts and timelines.



The rental deposit establishes the client’s commitment to license the space(s) on the specified date(s) and is required to fully execute the contract.  The Hurst Conference Center’s non-refundable deposit is 25% of the estimated total of the event and must be returned with the signed contract in order to consider the event “Firm” and secure the date(s) and space(s).


Scheduling of Other Events

  • The Hurst Conference Center may schedule and contract with other events in parts of the facility which are not part of the client’s agreement.
  • The Hurst Conference Center may schedule and contract for similar events both before and after the dates of a client’s agreement without notice to the client, unless otherwise specified in writing in the contract.


Challenges to Tentative Holds or Events Contracted Without a Deposit

  • When a date is held by a prospective client on a “Tentative” basis, or a contract has been issued but no deposit received, then the following challenge procedure may be initiated by a second client interested in the date(s) and space(s) in question.
    • The challenging event must be equal in economic value to the event whose date(s) and space(s) are being challenged.
    • The client challenging the date and space may post a deposit, at the conference center’s discretion, of up to 100% of the estimated room cost.
    • The Hurst Conference Center will then inform the first client that a challenge for the date and space has been received.
    • If the first client wishes to secure the date(s) and space(s), then they will have two business days (48 hrs.), after notification of the challenge, to either:
      • Post the deposit amount as specified in their contract and return the signed contract (if not previously done), or
      • Release the date and space hold.
    • If the first client elects to secure the date and space, then the second client will receive a full refund of their deposit.
    • If the first client does not secure the date and space within the required time, then the second client receives the date(s)/space(s) and will be required to execute a contract immediately.



  • All deposits are non-refundable.  In the event of a cancellation, all deposits are retained by the Hurst Conference Center.
  • The Hurst Conference Center must be notified by the client, in writing, of an event cancellation. 
  • In addition to the Non-Refundable Deposit, cancellation by the client of a contracted event may be subject to a “Cancellation Fee”.  The Cancellation Fee covers any expenses incurred by the Hurst Conference Center in advance of the cancelled event; i.e. food, equipment, etc.  See the table below for the Cancellation Fee schedule:
Notice of Cancellation Applicable Cancellation Fee
6 months or more prior to move-in 25%
3 months to 6 months prior to move-in 50%
1 month to 3 months prior to move-in 75%
Less than 30 days prior to move-in 100%



  • The Hurst Conference Center does not initially extend discounted or specialized rates to any social, government or educational groups or associations, business entities or individuals.
  • Discounts on room space may be offered if Food & Beverage totals exceed a specific amount, or as a promotion during certain times of the year.



The Hurst Conference Center accepts: Business/Personal checks, Major Credit Cards and Wire Transfer for payment of fees.  Please make checks and money orders payable to: The Hurst Conference Center