Eco-Friendly Event Ideas at your Event Space

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Making your event space eco-friendly isn’t a difficult thing to organize. You can make a conscious effort to “go green” at your next function or event. This means to take into consideration what the impact of the services and suppliers you use and the impact those services have on the environment. Below are some eco-friendly ideas you can use for your next event on your calendar that will work for any convention or conference center. Whether you have a social event venue coming up, corporate meeting or business meeting spaces, or you’re planning a wedding, these tips will save.

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1. Utensils: You do have choices of silverware and plates which will keep you going green. Recycled plastic is an idea, and it’s more sustainable but not really remarkable if you’re going for the high-end approach. Another eco-friendly choice is using dish-ware created from Bamboo. Bamboo grows to its mature height in about 5-7 years, so it is highly sustainable. Plus, because it’s naturally antibacterial, it’s super hygienic. If you choose to use wooden dishes and utensils, it’s not as durable as bamboo, but it does set a beautiful table. When you use wood, it’s a clean and natural option and is the right step to making your event more along the line of eco-friendly.

2. Less paper: By going digital, you’re using less paper. When you promote your event, try to avoid passing out paper flyers, invitations or even handouts. If you’re trying to go eco-friendly, then handing out a stack of paper will defeat the point you’re trying to get across to your audience.

3. Venue: Choosing your venue can do a lot for your eco-friendly program. Find a site which is close to the airport or points of public transportation. When your venue is close to the airport or public transportation, then a lower carbon footprint is used. Plus, if your venue is within walking distance of hotels will allow some of your guests to walk to your site. The closer the venue is to where the attendees are staying, the lower is the environmental impact.

4. No plastic: Place water pitchers and glasses within easy reach of attendees instead of handing out plastic water bottles or individually wrapped items. Create recycle stations for any garage which may be created by your event. Label each one recyclable and non-recyclable to make it easier for disposal of trash. Also, find a local caterer to serve the food and beverage so you can decrease your carbon footprint.

5. Transportation: If possible, find out where everyone is staying and see if a carpool can be formed. This way separate vehicles aren’t being used with only one or two people in them but a car full of people to reduce the carbon footprint.

6. Live cooking: Another idea is to have live cooking stations at your event. This form of catering is when you have eco-friendly cooks preparing recipes with produce which is organic as well as free-range animal products. This is also a way to introduce a vegan way of cooking to those people who have never tried it before.

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Preserving our earth is erasing one carbon footprint at a time.