How to Prepare and Plan for a Successful Event at a Convention Center

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When planning an event at a convention center, whether it be for a reception for a wedding, a business conference, or a non-profit fundraiser, it can turn you into a bundle of nerves. You may feel totally overwhelmed and wonder how you’ll get everything completed before the big day. But relax, with our tips below you can manage to pull off the event with composure and enjoy what our convention center offers.

How to plan an event
The first thing to consider is what kind of an event you’re planning. Different events will have different ways of planning, for example, a wedding reception space as opposed to a business conference or social event space, but the basics are the same.

1. Make a plan: You will want to create a checklist, so you have a step-by-step guide, so you know what is going to come next. Your plan needs to have the logistics of everything you’re going to need to do. Make a list of your main tasks with as much detail as possible, so you don’t forget anything in the order they have to be performed. You will need to work up a timeframe for each task which needs to be completed. Allow a little wiggle room in case a task takes longer than you think.

2. Develop a realistic budget: You should always have a realistic budget, so you have an idea of what you want to spend and what you want to spend it on. It should be specific, and if it’s for a wedding reception, for example, you’ll want to figure out what the catering cost will be. If it’s for an event for work, expenses would be different. Regardless, you need to keep track of all the expenses and the income. Also, expect the unexpected and let a little funding aside for that so plan ahead.

3. Schedule your facility: For your event to be a success, there are factors to be considered. You will need to know what the room capacity is to be sure it can handle your event. If you’re having an outdoor event and it rains, what are the options? If you need speakers, a podium if it’s a business function or if there are elevators and ramps for people who are disabled. You also need to find out how many tables and chairs you will need for your guests. Parking can be an issue, too, so be sure there is ample parking for everyone who is coming. The parking should be readily accessible to the event.

4. Food and drinks: No matter what the occasion is for, be sure to have plenty of food and drink for the number of people you’re expecting. Decide if you’re going to have a buffet or a sit-down dinner. What types of beverages will you be serving and how will you be serving them, from a punch bowl, cans or another option. Plus, if you decided to serve alcohol, make sure there will be designated drivers for those people who make not be able to drive home.

Whatever your event is, by planning ahead you will have a successful event at our convention center.

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